The Heart of a Man

  |  89 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
The Heart of a Man Film Poster


Romantic comedy in which unemployed sailor Frankie Martin (Frankie Vaughan) has a chance encounter with a tramp named Bud (Peter Sinclair). Frankie is given a shilling from Bud, who promises him that if he finds a way of making £100 by honest means then he will presented with £1,000. Frankie ends up in a job working for a casino operator named Tony Carlisle (Tony Britton) and falls for the alluring Julie (Anne Heywood), but Frankie's motivation for the job soon diminishes, and he is dismissed from his role. Taking up a series of odd jobs as a means of income, Frankie and Julie continue to romance each other and begin their singing career. Could this be Frankie's way to big money?

infrequent mild bad language, sex references
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