The Hellions

  |  80 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The Hellions is just like a western, only set in the South African Transvaal. The title characters are Luke Billings and his four sons, desperados all, who invade a dusty little town to settle an old score with the newly-appointed marshal, Sam Hargiss. Unable to mobilize the cowardly townspeople for help, and unwilling to face the Hellions alone, Hargiss hides at home with his pregnant wife, while the Billings gang misbehaves with impunity all over town. Finally old Luke Billings makes a pass at the wife of timid shopkeeper Ernest Dobbs. Though wussy in the extreme and a poor marksman, Dobbs is so outraged by this transgression that he marches down the main street with a rifle, to confront the Billings gang single-handed.