The House In Marsh Road Monkey's Paw

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  |  128 min
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Double bill of British thrillers. In 'The House in Marsh Road' (1960), adapted from the novel by Laurence Meynell, Jean (Patricia Dainton), the supportive wife of struggling author David (Tony Wright), inherits a remote country home from a deceased relative. The couple move in, hoping it will help with David's writing but, unbeknown to Jean, he is having an affair with his typist Valerie (Sandra Dorne) and plans to murder his wife. Luckily for Jean, the house is haunted by a poltergeist who is determined to put a stop to David's evil scheming. In 'Monkey's Paw' (1948), based on the short story by W.W. Jacob, Mr. Trelawne (Milton Rosmer) comes into the possession of a magical monkey's paw which can provide three wishes - but at a price. When Mr. Trelawne asks the paw to rid him of his debts, it comes at the cost of his son's life. With two wishes remaining, Mrs. Trelawne (Megs Jenkins) asks for her son to return to them but will this only result in another disaster?