The House Of Eliott: Series 2 - Part 3

  |  Buy to Own: 06/03/2006
  |  240 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The House Of Eliott: Series 2 - Part 3 Film Poster


The final four episodes from the second series of the popular British drama. The House of Eliott is now the smartest, most prestigious establishment in London and the Eliott sisters have to contend with the pressures of running their empire, as well as the problems in their private lives. Beatrice's (Stella Gonet) devotion to the business puts a tremendous strain on her marriage, while Evie (Louise Lombard) embarks upon a liaison which threatens to ruin both her life and the House of Eliott. In episode 9, Beatrice moves in with Evie and following Ralph's disappearance with their savings they forced to cut staff wages. The sisters are struggling to find inspiration. In episode 10, Beatrice and Evie are invited to view the premises of Maison Gilles, realising that their competition is a serious threat. Business is bad and Evie's affair has drastic repercussions. In episode 11, Beatrice almost sells up to Maison Gilles but Dame Caroline Troye reignites the business at the eleventh hour. Jack's (Aden Gillett) film is a huge success and Evie's love affair turns out badly. In episode 12, the sisters are offered a tour in America, Alexander (Rupert Frazer) returns looking for Evie and Jack gets an offer to work in Germany. The future for everyone is exciting, but also very uncertain.