The Housemaid

  |  Buy to Own: 09/11/2015
  |  Watch Now: 05/07/2012
  |  106 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


A remake of Kim Ki-Young's classic 1960 film, this Korean thriller charts the destructive sexual relationship between a rich and powerful man and his newly-appointed young housemaid. Recently divorced and strapped for cash, Eunyi (Do-yeon Jeon) takes a job as a housemaid and nanny to a wealthy family. There she is presided over by the senior maid, Byungshik (Yeo-jong Yun) and forms a strong friendship with her young charge, Nami (Seo-hyeon Ahn). But with his heavily pregnant trophy wife Haera (Seo Woo) failing to fulfil his sexual urges, the master of the house Goh Hoon (Jung-jae Lee) soon sets his sights on the naïve Eunyi - with dark and dramatic consequences.