The Imperial War Museum Collection: Shipyards And Docks At War

  |  Buy to Own: 21/03/2005
  |  71 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


This release features five documentaries recorded during the Second World War. 'Tyneside Story' (1943) pays tribute to the the shipbuilders of Tyneside. 'From the Seven Seas' (1940) provides an insight into Britain's ports, including Bristol and Avonmouth, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. 'Steel Goes to Sea' (1940) follows the construction of a typical vessel from the shaping of the ribs to the final painting and outfitting. 'Clyde-Built' (1943) is a celebration of the quality worksmanship of the men of the Clyde Yards and looks at how the wartime demands of mass production impacted on traditional working methods. Finally, 'Shipbuilders' (1940) looks at the building of ships in wartime Clyde. Each process is filmed at a different yard and explained by workers proud of their skilled contributions.