The Invader

  |  Buy to Own: 01/01/1970
  |  93 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The Invader Film Poster


Oman alien Renn-Atiran-Dar (Ben Cross) is on a mission to Earth to procreate with a female and thus save his race from extinction. An indestructible Serif killer is on his trail, however, determined to prevent his success and thus wipe out the Omans. The woman Renn selects (and impregnates with a single kiss) is teacher Annie (Sean Young), who has only recently split up with her cop boyfriend Jack (Daniel Baldwin) because of her inability to bear him a child. Jack sets out to rescue Annie from Renn, who is dependent on the psychic powers of his and Annie's unborn child to send a signal to his people.