The IT Crowd: Series 1 And 2

  |  Buy to Own: 01/10/2007
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The IT Crowd: Series 1 And 2 Film Poster


All twelve episodes of the award winning sitcom set in a company's I.T. department. In series 1, Jen is newly hired 'relationship manager' of the dingy basement-based IT department of the conversely immaculate Reynholm Industries. Her underlings, Moss and Roy, quickly realize she is somewhat lacking in the techno-smarts claimed on her CV. Finally, after years of being looked down on by everyone in the building, the nerdy pair have their own object of contempt. Jen, it soon transpires is not only willing to lie on her resume but live in person too and will stop at nothing to further her own interests. In series 2, Denholm (Chris Morris), the boss of Reynholm Industries, dies, leaving his son Douglas (Matt Berry) in charge, while Moss (Richard Ayoade) joins a German cookery class in an attempt to fill his boring life. Episodes comprise: 'Yesterday's Jam', 'Calamity Jen', 'Fifty-Fifty', 'The Red Door', 'The Haunting Of Bill Crouse', 'Aunt Irma Visits', 'The Work Outing', 'Return Of The Golden Child', 'Moss and The German'