The Jean-Luc Godard Collection: Volume 1

  |  627 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Quartet of films from the enfant terrible of modern French cinema, Jean Luc Godard. 'A Bout De Souffle' (1959) was a revelation on its release and remains a film that has had a lasting effect on cinematic direction over the years. The story of a young Jean Paul Belmondo on the run in Paris, it heralded a new fascination with stylish cool. 'Alphaville' (1965) is the story of a private eye transported to a planet where logic rules over human emotion and explores the confrontation between individual freedoms and the state. Written and directed by Godard, it won the Golden Bear award at Berlin in 1965. 'Made in the USA' (1966) was Godard's homage to the noir thrillers of the past, and saw Anna Karina track down the killer of her lover. As ever, Godard brings his unique style to bear with a new wave take on an old story. 'Passion' (1982), set closer to home, explores the tangled relationships that exist between art, life and love. While attempting to make a film at a hotel, Polish film director Jerzy becomes involved with both the owner and a local factory worker. Having no script to speak of, Jerzy must quickly decide upon a solution, as the boundaries between reality and art blur.