The Jia Zhang-Ke Collection

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The Jia Zhang-Ke Collection Film Poster


Collection of three Zhangke Jia films. In 'Pickpocket' (1998), Xiao Wu (Hongwei Wang), a pickpocket and petty criminal whose friends have made it clear they want nothing to do with him, wanders the streets of Fengyang, growing increasingly alienated as a result of his failure to relate meaningfully to anyone, or to understand the changing times of his country. In 'Platform' (2000), the year is 1979 and Minliang (Wang), Ruijian (Tao Zhao) and Chang Jun (Jing-dong Liang) all work as part of the Peasant Culture Group, a theatrical troupe who perform works extolling the achievements of Chairman Mao. Everything begins to change when they are called together and told that state policy now requires them to incorporate Western elements into their performances and also to fend for themselves as a privately-owned outfit without state subsidy. Over the following decade, the personal and romantic problems within the group are played out against a backdrop of rapid cultural transformation, with the troupe - now known as the All-Star Rock and Breakdance Band - struggling to survive as they deal with the problem of ever-dwindling audiences. 'Unknown Pleasures' (2002) follows the lives of two 19-year-old friends who live in the provincial Chinese city of Datong. Disaffected and without jobs or ambition they pass their days wandering around town on their motorbikes dreaming of escape whilst around them China is changing; television begins to show their country's developing political and economic role in the world and how globalisation has reached China.