The Jimmy Show

  |  Buy to Own: 24/09/2007
  |  96 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The Jimmy Show Film Poster


Gritty and moving character study directed by and starring Frank Whaley. Jimmy O'Brien (Whaley) works in the stockroom of a grocery store, where he stocks shelves with his best friend Ray (Ethan Hawke) and tries to compensate for his meagre existence by stealing whatever he can, usually cases of beer. Only his relationship with his beloved but neglected childhood sweetheart wife, Annie (Carla Gugino), offers him any comfort - but the couple's obligations to Jimmy's invalid grandmother and their new baby daughter stifle their dreams. As the pressures of his home-life mount, Jimmy finds release amid a lonely stretch of comedy clubs along the Jersey turnpike. Every Tuesday, in some smoky corner of The Laughing Stock, he offers a rambling monologue to the sparse, impassive crowd. Like a poor man's Lenny Bruce, Jimmy lets fly with biting commentary about the naked details of his life: the withering frustration of menial labor, the joys of fatherhood, the pain of caring for the woman who raised him, and the slow but inexorable breakdown of his marriage...

Contains strong language
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