The Jonathan Meades Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 29/09/2008
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Series of documentaries in which the writer, author, and broadcaster Jonathan Meades delivers his own unique views on, among other things, the way we as humans interact with the structures and places we create. With a distinctive style and presentation, Meades visits some of the places that he sees as important, not just for their architecture, but also for the inherent properties they project. He also shares his views on such diverse topics as Bohemia, Belgium, the Fens, fast food, and the meaning of 'Northernness'. Episodes comprise: 'Abroad in Britain: In Search of Bohemia', 'Abroad in Britain: Severn Heaven', 'Further Abroad: Belgium', 'Further Abroad: Get High', 'Even Further Abroad: Absentee Landlord', 'Even Further Abroad: Double Dutch', 'Even Further Abroad: Remember the Future', 'Meades Eats... Fast Food', 'Abroad Again: Father to the Man', 'Magnetic North - episode 1' and 'Magnetic North - episode 2'.