The Joseph Losey Collection

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  |  739 min
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Collection of seven classic films from acclaimed director Joseph Losey. In 'The Go-Between' (1970), a young teenage boy, Leo (Dominic Guard), is invited to a wealthy school friend's rich family estate and then drawn into a love affair between his friend's 20-something sister, Marian (Julie Christie), and the family neighbour, Ted Burgess (Alan Bates), even though Marian is engaged to be married. She uses Leo as a go-between, sending messages to her lover. Despite feeling he is betraying her fiance, Hugh (Edward Fox), Leo carries on being the messenger boy and discovers more about the attraction between men and women along the way. In 'The Servant' (1963), James Fox plays a wealthy American who has escaped from his homeland in the wake of Communist paranoia. He returns to England from a holiday in Europe, buys a handsome Georgian townhouse and employs Hugo Barrett (Dirk Bogarde) as a house-keeper. However, Hugo becomes steadily more pervasive and manages to engineer a role-reversal which results in him achieving control of his master. In 'Accident' (1967), two Oxford students, William (Michael York) and Anna (Jacqueline Sassard), crash their car outside their professor's house. The lecturer, Stephen (Bogarde), finds William dead and Anna in shock, and the horrifying spectacle in front of him triggers memories of their previous meetings. It transpires that Anna had been having an affair with one of the professor's colleagues, and, in a flashback to a Sunday dinner party, it is revealed what part Stephen had to play in the fall-out from the relationship. In 'The Criminal' (1960), during his three years in prison, Johnny Bannion (Stanley Baker) has been devising his next robbery - the biggest of his career. Once out of prison he pulls off the heist and buries the money, but is arrested before he can tell of its whereabouts to the rest of the gang. The gang eventually springs him from jail, but makes a mistake that means they may never see the money at all. In 'Eva' (1962), a Welsh novelist (Baker) falls in love with Eva (Jeanne Moreau), a scheming, gold-digging femme fatale. Realising that Eva will never love him, the novelist marries beautiful Francesca (Virna Lisi), who in turn loses her will to live when she discovers her husband's secretly harboured desires. In 'Mr Klein' (1976), while the Nazis are busy deporting French Jews from occupied France, Parisian art dealer Mr Klein (Alain Delon) discovers that he has a Jewish counterpart with the same name, for whom he is mistaken. As he becomes more involved with his alter ego's identity, Mr Klein puts himself at considerable risk. Finally, in 'The Sleeping Tiger' (1954), psychiatrist Clive Desmond (Alexander Knox) brings a criminal (Bogarde) into his home as an Pygmalion-type experiment, after he catches him red-handed. But the psychiatrist's well-meaning plan backfires when his bored wife, Glenda (Alexis Smith), begins to fall for the thief.