The Julio Medem Collection: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2006
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The Julio Medem Collection: Volume 1 Film Poster


Box set of three features by acclaimed Spanish director Julio Medem. 'Vacas', (1991) is Medem's debut feature and tells the story of the complex relationship unfolding between three generations of two Basque families. Thirty years after Manuel Ilegoria (Carmelo Gomez) used the blood of the recently killed Carmelo Mendiluze (Kandido Uranga) to fake his own death and escape from military service, their sons Ignacio and Juan engage in ferocious rivalry. Both work as woodcutters and challenge each other to professional contests, but their deepest struggle occurs over Catalina (Ana Torrent), Juan's sister and the woman that Ignacio loves. In 'The Red Squirrel', (1994) an ex-pop star is contemplating suicide when he is interrupted by a motorbike accident. Arriving at the scene, he sees that the bike rider is a beautiful young woman, who appears to have amnesia. He responds by pretending to be her boyfriend, naming her Lisa, and inventing a story for them both. They then go off on holiday to the Red Squirrel campsite. But there is more to Lisa than meets the eye, as he is about to find out. 'In Tierra' (1997) Angel is suffering from a split personality, believing himself to be half man, half heavenly advocate, with a mission to rid the local area of lice. He finds himself attracted to two women - teenager Mari, and Angela, a married woman. Angela's husband Patricio is already having an affair with Mari, and Angel begins to wonder whether he really possesses any heavenly connections as his passion for the two women comes to represent the split in his persona.