The Kenny Rogers Collection

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Collection of four films directed by Dick Lowry and starring Kenny Rogers. In 'The Gambler' (1980) Kenny stars as Brady 'The Gambler' Hawkes. When Brady receives correspondence from his son indicating he's in trouble, he sets off from his home to help. Along the way, he meets Billy Montana (Bruce Boxleitner), a young gambler who claims to be an expert card shark. Brady, who has seen more than his fair share of the poker table, asks him to help with his son in exchange for some important old-timer's wisdom. 'The Gambler - The Adventure Continues' (1983) picks up where the previous instalment left off. Brady and Billy are now joined by Brady's son Jeremiah (Charles Fields) and the three men are on their way to a gambling event when the train is hijacked by opportunistic robbers. When Jeremiah is kidnapped by the gang for ransom, it's left to Brady and Billy to save him once again. 'The Gambler - The Legend Continues' (1987) follows on from the previous two instalments. Brady and Billy are now involved with the Sioux Indian tribe who are up against corrupt government opposition and some relentless cattle thieves. Finally, in 'Coward of the County' (1981), Kenny stars as the wise uncle of a young man out for revenge. Tommy (Fredric Lehne) has long been considered the coward of the county after many instances where he has been reluctant to stick up for himself. However, when local knuckleheads, the Gatlin brothers, rape his wife Becky (Largo Woodruff), he is quick to take action against them; an act which justifiably goes against his belief in pacifism.