The Keystone Comedies

  |  Buy to Own: 12/02/2007
  |  55 min
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Four films from one of the early classic movie studios, Keystone Pictures. Founded in 1912 by Mack Sennett, the studio found lasting fame with its brand of slapstick comedy, and especially with the Keystone Cops. In 'The Bangville Police' (1913), a young farmer's daughter spots some strangers hanging around in the barn and rushes off to call the police - who embark on a haphazard rush across country to get there in time. In 'Her Painted Hero' (1915), an heiress decides to use her newfound wealth to finance her favourite star's new vaudeville show - on the understanding that a part is found for her. In 'Love, Speed and Thrills' (1915), an injured walrus (Chester Conklin), who has been shot, is carried home by Ambrose (Mack Swain) -but the walrus recovers enough to start flirting with Ambrose's wife (Minta Durfee). 'Wife and Auto Trouble' (1916) sees a meek husband (William Collier) finding comfort in the arms of his secretary after being bossed about at home by his wife and his mother-in-law. In gratitude he buys his secretary a car, but unfortunately his wife spots it first...