The Last Mimzy

  |  Buy to Own: 06/08/2007
  |  96 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
The Last Mimzy Film Poster


Sci-fi drama about two children who develop strange powers after playing with some discarded toys. On a beach vacation near Seattle, Noah (Chris O'Neil) and Emma (Rhiannon Leigh Wryn) Wilder find a little box washed up on the shore. It contains a strange, pulsing stone and the pair deign to keep it a secret, sensing its unusual nature. Further examination reveals a collection of items in the box including what appears to be a toy rabbit whose name turns out to be Mimzy and who is perfectly able to communicate with the children. Mimzy starts to instruct the children on many things that they're not familiar with, resulting in the pair attaining genius level very quickly, much to their parents' chagrin. It soon becomes apparent that there are forces abroad in the Wilder house that should have been left undisturbed - and that the future may be trying to send a message back to us in order that we might save our planet from a certain doom. After a huge power surge, originating in the Wilder home, takes out half the state power grid, the government begins to take an interest in the children.

Contains mild threat and language
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