The Law In These Parts

  |  Book Tickets: 15/06/2012
  |  100 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


When Israel conquered the territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 war, they were ready to go. For months they’d had a new system of laws drawn up, and stored in lawyers’ briefcases, for the moment when they conquered the Occupied Territories. Overnight a million Palestinians found themselves subject to a completely new legal system, one which only made itself known to them with each run-in with the authorities. Designed to be a temporary series of measures, it is still the legal framework within which Palestinians are governed today. It has grown to encompass thousands of orders and laws, sentenced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and enabled half a million Israeli "settlers" to move to the Occupied Territories. In this penetrating, unblinking award-winning film, Ra’anan Alexandrowicz brings the system’s legal architects to bear witness on the evolution of this unprecedented framework of long-term governance.