The Legend of Kawa the Blacksmith

  |  Buy to Own: 09/03/2009
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Feature-length CGI-animated adaptation of the traditional Kurdish folk tale 'Kawa the Blacksmith', developed and produced by a community project in Hull. King Zohak of Mesopotamia (voiced by Salam Kassab/John Ainsworth) is tricked by the evil demon Ahriman (Zizo Jujer/Andrew Rolfe), and a curse placed upon him causing two large black snakes to grow from his shoulders, which he must continuously feed with the brains of children. As children are snatched from the surrounding towns and villages to feed the insatiable hunger of the snakes, the sun refuses to shine and the land becomes cold and desolate. When a humble blacksmith, Kawa (Rashed/Dom Heffer), has lost all his beloved children except one to the curse-stricken Zohak, he strikes a mighty blow with his hammer to break the evil curse and bring light back to the country.