The Leos Carax Collection

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Compilation of films by French cinema's enfant terrible Leos Carax. 'Boy Meets Girl' (1983) is the directorial debut for Carax and features a darkly comic, gentle love story involving two strangers destined to meet after their relationships break down. 'Night is Young' (1986) sees petty thief and street hustler Alex (Denis Lavant) plotting to steal a new miracle cure for an AIDS-like virus on behalf of his gangster friend Marc (Michel Piccoli). This attracts the notice of a mysterious American woman who also wants the serum. In 'Pola X' (1999), wealthy French writer Pierre Valombreuse (Guillaume Depardieu) has a long-lost, illegitimate sister, Isabelle (Katerina Golubeva), whom his mother Marie (Catherine Deneuve) has kept secret from him. Pierre abandons his fiancée, Lucie, and takes to the road with Isabelle, eventually joining a commune where he intends to write his second novel. However, the presence of his sister proves to be an unsettling influence on Pierre's life.