The Leos Carax Collection

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Collection of three films directed by acclaimed French film-maker Leos Carax. 'Night is Young' (1986) follows petty thief and street hustler Alex (Denis Lavant) as he plots to steal a new miracle cure for an AIDS-like virus on behalf of his gangster friend Marc (Michel Piccoli). However, this attracts the attention of a mysterious American woman who also wants the serum. 'Boy Meets Girl' (1984) is a darkly comic love story which involves two strangers who are destined to meet after their relationships break down. Finally, 'Holy Motors' (2012) follows Monsieur Oscar (Lavant), a man of many identities. Driven around Paris by his chauffeur, Celine (Edith Scob), he makes use of an elaborate dressing room in his limousine to assume the appearance and identity of a number of different figures. At various points throughout the day Oscar is a businessman, a beggar, an assassin, a father and an old woman, venturing out into the world to engage with others in each role and embarking on bizarre adventures that include kidnapping a beautiful model, Kay (Eva Mendes). What is at the root of Oscar's extraordinary behaviour?