The Life And Times Of Paul The Psychic Octopus

  |  Book Tickets: 15/06/2012
  |  Watch Now: 19/11/2014
  |  72 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


One minute he was in his tank, minding his own business. The next thing he knew, he had the frantic attention of the world’s media. As Paul the “psychic” octopus managed to repeatedly pick the winning football team in the 2010 World Cup, he quickly became a global superstar. Alexandre Philippe opens at the end of the story: with Paul’s cremation, before creatively exploring his legacy. Paul drew the attention of eccentrics around the world – including a Russian offering £1 million for him, and Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who accused the west of using the creature to spread propaganda. As the hype escalated, Paul’s British agent was inundated with media requests and - more ominously - recipe suggestions. Indeed, not everyone was sad to learn of Paul’s demise: “He’ll go down in history as one of the greatest football tipsters ever,” recalls one commentator. “But the bookies won’t be sorry to see the back of him.”