The Living Terror Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 08/11/2004
  |  281 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of natural horror films. In 'Arachnid' (2001), a scientific expedition arrives on a remote South Pacific island to investigate a series of deaths caused by the bite of an unknown species of spider. The research team soon find themselves in grave danger, and begin fighting a running battle with the very thing they had come to the island to study. When they then discover the wreckage of crashed alien spaceship, they realise their problems are far worse than they had dared to imagine... In 'Komodo' (1999), 15-year-old Patrick (Kevin Zegers) is left psychologically traumatised after his family are attacked and killed by fearsome creatures on his summer holiday home of Emerald Island. Young doctor Victoria Juno (Jill Hennessy) becomes convinced that she can help Patrick overcome his mental block by returning him to the island and helping him confront his fears, but upon her arrival at the former tropical paradise discovers that the creatures which claimed Patrick's parents have multiplied in number. Soon Juno and her party are under siege, battling to survive as the monstrous beasts pick them off one by one... Finally, in 'They Nest' (2000), a rare and deadly breed of African cockroach has made its way to a small island off the coast of Maine and is using the chest cavities of the local population to incubate its young. The islanders try to find a way of fighting back, but when a new strain of flying cockroach begins appearing they must either run for their lives or face certain death.