The Lucy Show: 4 Classic Episodes - Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 02/04/2007
  |  100 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Four episodes of the popular 1960s American comedy series starring Lucille Ball as Lucy Carmichael, recent divorcee and personal secretary to Theodore Mooney (Gale Gordon), vice president of the Westland Bank. In 'Lucy and Pat Collins', Mr Mooney confides to Lucy that he has insomnia and hasn't slept in days, so she offers to take him to see Pat Collins (appearing as herself), a hypnotist appearing at The Royal Club, to cure him of his sleep deprivation. But Mr Mooney has his reservations about being hypnotised, so he drags Lucy on stage with him... In 'Lucy and the Monkey', Mary Jane (Mary Jane Croft) warns Lucy that she'll have a nervous breakdown if she doesn't stop working so hard. So she immediately thinks she's hallucinating when she enters her boss, Mr Mooney's office and finds a monkey sitting at his desk. Lucy thinks she's seeing Mr Mooney as a monkey! She 'faces her fear' by treating the monkey as if he's Mooney - with hilarious consequences. In 'Lucy and Phil Silvers', efficiency expert Oliver Kasten (Phil Silvers) takes over Mr Mooney's office and commandeers Lucy as his secretary - who quickly patterns herself after Kasten, following his strict orders without question with riotous results. Finally, in 'Lucy and the Baby Sitter', wanting a break from the bank and to make some extra money, Lucy visits an employment agency and lands a job as a babysitter. Little does she know that the 'babies' in question are actually chimps...