The Manchurian Candidate Tony Rome The Detective

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Triple bill of 1960s thrillers starring Frank Sinatra. In 'The Manchurian Candidate' (1962), Major Marco (Sinatra) is haunted by a recurring dream after returning from service in Korea, in which Congressional Medal of Honor hero Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey) appears to kill two of his unit in front of an audience of Korean and Russian officials. Working for Intelligence, Marco eventually discovers that Shaw has become the unwitting pawn in a Communist conspiracy to kill an American presidential candidate. However, discovering this is one thing, the question is whether he can be stopped in time. This acclaimed satirical thriller was withdrawn from release by Sinatra after the assassination of President Kennedy and only became available again years later. In 'Tony Rome', Sinatra stars as the eponymous tough Miami PI living on a houseboat who is hired by a local millionaire to find a diamond pin stolen from his daughter. In the process of recovering the jewellery, he has several encounters with local hoods as well as the Miami Beach PD. Based on the novel by Roderick Thorpe, 'The Detective' sees Sinatra in the role of tough-as-nails Detective Joe Leland. Called in to investigate the murder of Teddy Leikman (James Inman), the homosexual son of a well-connected department store mogul, Leland executes an open-and-shut investigation. He quickly elicits a confession from Teddy's crazy roommate, and the defendant is convicted and executed while Leland scores a promotion. But when the widow of an accountant seeks out the Detective to look into the circumstances of her husband's death, Leland uncovers some startling evidence implicating a corrupt New York City political machine.