The Mask Son Of The Mask Elf

  |  Buy to Own: 20/10/2008
  |  278 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of family films. In 'The Mask' (1994), Jim Carrey plays timid bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss, who, on one sad evening after being chucked out of a nightclub, happens across a Nordic mask in the river, which transforms him into a wise-cracking, zoot-suited, green-faced, comic superhero. With his new-found charm and powers, which include infinite malleability of his own body, Stanley chats up the gorgeous woman of his dreams (Cameron Diaz), robs his own bank, outwits the cops and demolishes the local hoods, also finding time to perform some rather nifty dance routines. In 'Son of the Mask' (2005), a decade after the legendary Mask of Loki wreaked havoc on the life of an unsuspecting adult, cartoonist Tim Avery (Jamie Kennedy)'s new son is born with the Mask's spectacular powers, turning the household upside down. But Loki (Alan Cumming) has come looking for his mask and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. Finally, in 'Elf' (2003), Will Ferrell stars as Buddy, a human being who has spent his whole life believing himself to be an elf. Brought up by Santa (Edward Asner) and his elves at the North Pole, Buddy has spent the last 30 years happily working in Santa's toy workshop. But when his ungainly size starts to become a liability in the elf-sized working environment, Santa suggests that Buddy head to New York City to find his biological father (James Caan). Needless to say, the unlikely spectacle of a 6'5'' man dressed from head to foot in bright green stands out a mile on the streets of the Big Apple, and the good-natured Buddy finds himself in all sorts of scrapes as he gets used to his new family and surroundings - and they get used to him.