The Medusa Touch The Boys From Brazil

  |  Book Tickets: 12/10/1978
  |  Buy to Own: 17/03/2003
  |  Watch Now: 17/08/2009
  |  222 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


A sci-fi/thriller double bill. In 'The Medusa Touch' novelist John Morlar (Richard Burton) is haunted by the belief that he can, through the power of telekenesis, cause fatal disasters to occur. This obsession is reinforced when, after Morlar is assaulted, a moon mission crisis and jet crash occur in short order. The police turn to Morlar's mysterious therapist, Zonfeld (Lee Remick), to try to get to the bottom of the case. Whilst in 'The Boys From Brazil' Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman (Laurence Olivier) is aghast when he stumbles upon a plot by war criminal Josef Mengele (Gregory Peck) to produce clones of Adolf Hitler using cells taken from the late dictator's body. It is Mengele's intention to reproduce Hitler not only genetically but in terms of his upbringing, as the boys created from the cells are to grow up in environments as close as possible to the Fuhrer's.