The Mighty Kong The Pebble And The Penguin The Fearless Four

  |  222 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Children's triple bill. In 'The Mighty Kong', film producer D.B. Denham and his crew travel to a remote jungle island for a location shoot and promptly lose their lead actress Ann to a local tribe. The tribe offer her up as a sacrifice to the giant ape Kong, who is smitten by Ann's beauty and appoints himself her protector forthwith. However, the crew manage to capture Kong, transporting him across the ocean to New York, where he is put on show as a tourist attraction. Heartbroken, Kong goes on the rampage in search of his lost love. In 'The Pebble and the Penguin', shy Hubie finds the perfect pebble to present to his true love Marina at the penguin Moon Mating Ceremony, but dastardly Drake has other ideas. He forces Hubie out to sea, where he teams up with Rocko. Together they set out to win back Marina in an exciting race against time. In 'The Fearless Four', an unlikely pop group is formed when a donkey, a bloodhound, a siamese cat and a rooster get together and call themselves the Fearless Four. The quartet find fame on a television commercial, only to discover that their sponsor is the wicked Dr Greed. The four friends set out to defeat Greed by becoming superheroes and staging a singsong showdown.