The Miracle Of Bern

  |  Book Tickets: 29/06/2004
  |  Buy to Own: 04/10/2010
  |  117 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
The Miracle Of Bern Film Poster


German drama set in the summer of 1954, as the country struggles to rebuild itself after the Second World War. Young Matthias (Louis Klamroth) is football-obsessed, and is overjoyed to be adopted as the lucky mascot of the local team in the small German mining town where he lives. At the same time, Mattias' father Richard (Peter Lohmeyer) has returned home after years in a Soviet prisoner of war camp, his presence casting a dark shadow over the family. Ignoring Matthias' interest in football, Richard can only brood over the atrocities he has witnessed on the Eastern Front. With the World Cup in Switzerland approaching, and with one of the town's local players being selected for the long-shot German squad, Matthias is able to rekindle his father's interest in life as they follow the progress of their national team to victory.

Contains mild language and violence
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