The Mysterious Mr Davis The Lad

  |  Buy to Own: 14/10/2013
  |  130 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Double bill of 1930s British comedies. 'The Mysterious Mr Davis' (1939), directed by Claude Autant-Lara, follows the fortunes - and often misfortunes - of a businessman in financial trouble. In a desperate attempt to wriggle his way out of the situation, Julian Roscoe (Henry Kendall), invents a business partner. Will the scheme work or will he simply end up in even deeper water? Kathleen Kelly, Morris Harvey and Alastair Sim co-star. 'The Lad' (1935), directed by Henry Edwards, stars Gordon Harker as a criminal who decides to try and go straight. Bill Shane (Harker) has made a living as an opportunistic petty thief. When he arrives at a remote estate and is mistaken by its owners for a private detective and offered money not to delve into their affairs, it seems like the kind of coincidence on which his criminal instincts would thrive. Instead, he decides to try and make a fresh start, but can a leopard change its spots?