The Naked Kiss Shock Corridor

  |  Buy to Own: 17/11/2003
  |  185 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A double bill of Sam Fuller films. In 'The Naked Kiss' (1964) Kelly (Constance Towers) is a woman with a past that she would rather forget. She has left her life as a prostitute far behind, and now works as a carer for handicapped children in the small American town of Granville. She finds love with local respected war-hero Grant but, shortly before they are to be wed, Kelly discovers that Grant has been keeping a dark secret and, in a fit of rage, kills him. She then has to try to convince the townsfolk that the man they thought was the pillar of the community was not all that he seemed to be. 'Shock Corridor' (1963) sees Johnny Barrett (Peter Breck), a young and ambitious reporter, feign insanity in order to be committed to an asylum where three patients witnessed a brutal murder. Intending simply to uncover the murderer, Johnny soon finds that his own paranoia and the treatment in the institution is pushing him close to real madness. He is caught in a race against time to solve the murder before he loses grip on his own identity.