The New Avengers: The Complete Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 30/10/2006
  |  999 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 26 episodes of the 1970s spin off from the original 'Avengers' series, starring Patrick MacNee as the impossibly suave John Steed and Joanna Lumley as his associate, Purdey. Episodes are: 'The Eagle's Nest'; 'The Midas Touch'; 'Cat Among the Pigeons'; 'Target'; 'To Catch a Rat'; 'The House of Cards'; 'Last of the Cybernauts'; 'Three-Handed Game'; 'Sleeper'; 'Dirtier by the Dozen'; 'Faces'; 'Gnaws'; 'The Tale of the Big Why?'; 'Dead Men Are Dangerous'; 'Angels of Death'; 'Medium Rare'; 'The Lion and the Unicorn'; 'Obsession'; 'Trap'; 'Hostage'; 'K is for Kill - Part One: The Tiger Awakes'; 'K is for Kill - Part Two: Tiger by the Tail'; 'Complex'; 'The Gladiators'; 'Forward Base'; and 'Emily'.