The Old Mother Riley Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 26/10/2015
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of films featuring the scatty and excitable washerwoman Old Mother Riley who was created and played by Arthur Lucan in drag with his real life wife Kitty McShane starring as her daughter Kitty. In 'Old Mother Riley, MP' (1939) Old Mother Riley runs foul of her local council and decides to take matters into her own hands by running for Parliament. In 'Old Mother Riley In Paris' (1942) Old Mother Riley and the lovely Kitty both lose their jobs - and only a timely insurance claim saves them from ruin. In 'Old Mother Riley's New Venture' (1949) the owner of a high-class London hotel mysteriously decides to take a break - and to everyone's surprise he promotes Old Mother Riley straight from kitchen dishwasher to the head of the hotel. Old Mother Riley has always had trouble with the spirits, but in 'Old Mother Riley's Jungle Treasure' (1951) it's the ghost of infamous pirate Captain Morgan that's troubling her, rather than gin. In 'Old Mother Riley, Headmistress' (1950), Old Mother Riley finds herself becoming headmistress of an exclusive girls' finishing school. In Old Mother Riley's last-ever screen adventure, 'Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire' (1952) sees an extraordinary team-up as American horror actor Bela Lugosi joins one of Britain's most wacky comic creations... The collection also includes 'Bridget's Night Out' (1936), the documentary 'Arthur and Kitty' and the previously lost film 'Old Mother Riley' (1937).