The One Legend Of The Red Dragon Meltdown

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  261 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Jet Li martial arts action triple-bill. Set in the near future, 'The One' (2001) follows deadly assassin Yulaw (Li), who is using a newly-developed technology called 'quantum tunneling' to move from one parallel universe to the next, killing off all his parallel selves and becoming more powerful with each self he kills. Back in our own dimension, ordinary police officer Gabe (Li) also feels himself becoming stronger, and cannot explain why. When Yulaw arrives in this dimension looking for Gabe, the last of the selves he must kill in order to achieve the omnipotence of 'the one', the pair soon become locked in an explosive, special-effects-saturated conflict, leading to a final deadly showdown. In 'Legend of the Red Dragon' (1994), scared by the reality of seeing his wife murdered and whole village razed by evil Manchu soldiers Kwun (Li) sets out with his son to get revenge. For years they strive to track down the killers whilst avoiding falling into the clutches of the Manchu army. A chance crossing paths with a group of Shaolin monks searching for buried treasure guarantees that the Manchu army can't be far behind. But can Kwun take on the killers all alone after all this time? Finally, in 'Meltdown' (2001), Kit Li (Li) may be a powerful exponent of martial arts and a professional bodyguard, but he carries with him the sorrowful knowledge that his skills were not enough to save his wife from murder at the hands of 'The Doctor'. Kit is now working as bodyguard to vain martial arts filmstar Frankie Lone. When Frankie attends an exhibition of Russian royal jewellery however, 'The Doctor' and his gang strike again, intent on stealing the precious stones. Can Kit prevent Frankie getting killed and save the day as he once again faces down his nemesis?

Contains frequent moderate violence
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