The Outer Limits - The New Series: Complete Season 1

  |  Buy to Own: 30/04/2007
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American sci-fi series from 1995, itself a remake of the classic 1963 series. This series follows the example of its predecessor in exploring the human imagination in relation to new breakthroughs in technology and sciences. Often focussing on the darker side of human nature and the hopes and fears that the future will bring, the series highlights mankind's constant struggle to remain in control of his own destiny. Episodes include: 'The Sandkings' (1), 'The Sandkings' (2), 'Valerie 23', 'Blood Brothers', 'The Second Soul', 'White Light Fever', 'The Choice', 'Virtual Future', 'Living Hell', 'Corner of the Eye', 'Under the Bed', 'Dark Matters', 'The Conversion', 'Quality of Mercy', 'Caught in the Act', 'The Voyage Home', 'The New Breed', 'The Message', 'I, Robot', 'If These Walls Could Talk', 'Birthright' and 'The Voice of Reason'.