The Owls Hooters

  |  Buy to Own: 06/06/2011
  |  138 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Double bill of gay-themed feature films. Thriller 'The Owls' (2010) is centred around two couples - Iris (Guinevere Turner) and MJ (V.S. Brodie), and Lily (Lisa Gornick) and Carol (Cheryl Dunye) - who share a dark secret. One year previously, a young woman named Cricket (Deak Evgenikos) was accidentally killed during a heated argument at a party in MJ's house. The four women buried her body, deciding it best to keep quiet about what happened. Still looking for her missing friend, Skye (Skyler Cooper) becomes suspicious of Carol's involvement in Cricket's disappearance and is determined to discover the truth. Documentary 'Hooters!' (2010) offers an artistic and, at times, humorous take on lesbian culture in Los Angeles, focusing on Dunye's film, 'The Owls', which is an acronym for Older, Wiser, Lesbians.

Contains strong language and sex references, and hard drug use
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