The Patrice Leconte Collection

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Five films from the acclaimed French director. In 'The Hairdresser's Husband' (1977), a 12-year-old boy becomes obsessed with his local hairdresser, a voluptuous middle-aged woman, who inadvertently gives him his first sexual experience. When he reaches middle-age he meets another hairdresser and is so smitten that he proposes marriage to her, which she gladly accepts. In 'Le Parfum D'Yvonne' (1986), a young deserter (Hippolyte Girardot) from the Algerian war arrives in a lakeside holiday resort town near the Swiss border. He takes on the name of Victor to avoid detection. While hanging around in the town, he meets the beautiful Yvonne (Sandra Majani), and her friend, Dr Rene Meinthe (Jean-Pierre Marielle), a flamboyant homosexual. Victor and Yvonne fall in love and take a hotel room together, whiling away their time making love and reading poetry. When Yvonne and Dr Rene enter a competition - and thanks to Yvonne's flirting with a young guest juror and Dr Rene's big American car, they end up winning - Victor makes plans to take Yvonne to Hollywood but is left waiting at the station. In 'Monsieur Hire' (1989), when a young girl is found murdered, police begin to suspect the reclusive Monsieur Hire (Michel Blanc), an eccentric loner who spends most of his time watching a woman called Alice (Sandrine Bonnaire) in the apartment opposite. As it becomes apparent that the police suspect Monsieur Hire purely because his neighbours think he is strange and withdrawn, Alice begins to notice him watching her, and starts to find him strangely seductive. In 'Ridicule' (1996), on the brink of the French Revolution, an idealistic aristocrat has to obtain an audience with the King by surviving on his wits. In the midst of sexual and political intrigue he attempts to keep his nerve as he tries to beg for aid from the King. Finally, in 'Tango' (1992), his wife has left him, but Paul (Thierry Lhermitte) is persuaded by his unscrupulous uncle that it is better to be a widower than to be divorced. Vincent (Richard Bohringer) is recruited, and all three men set off to track down and murder Paul's wife.