The Peter Sellers Collection

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  |  252 min
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Triple bill of films featuring Peter Sellers. Sellers appears alongside fellow comedy actors Sid James, Tony Hancock and Donald Pleasence in the mid-1950s comedy caper 'Orders are Orders' (1954). When a film company wants to use an army barracks as the location for its science fiction film, the Commander is less than impressed, and manages to persuade the crew to relocate to a nearby haunted house. In the war drama, 'The Blockhouse' (1973), based on the novel by Jean Paul Ciebert, six men of different nationalities are trapped in an underground German blockhouse. Although they have a plentiful supply of food and beverages, the victims must overcome loneliness and boredom in order to survive. Finally, in the hospital comedy, 'Where Does It Hurt?' (1972), Sellers plays Dr Albert T Hopfnagel, a corrupt doctor who finds himself on the receiving end of his own medicine. Hopfnagel has achieved his medical status through corruption, greed and over-charging. When his long-suffering assistant and lover, Alice (Jo Ann Pflug), decides she's had enough, she frames Hopfnagel with the aid of the hospital administrator, and gets him a prison term. Unfortunately, Hopfnagel's many underhand talents soon help spring him from jail, and he sets out to repay his debt of gratitude to his former admirer.