The Pleasure Garden

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  |  75 min
Rated U by the BBFC
The Pleasure Garden Film Poster


Alfred Hitchcock's directorial debut is a melodrama about the love lives of two chorus girls, Patsy (Virginia Valli) and Jill (Carmelita Geraghty). With both girls working at the 'Pleasure Garden', Patsy soon meets and marries Levett (Miles Mander), who happens to be the best friend of Jill's fiance Fielding (John Stuart). When both men leave to do work in the colonies, Patsy soon finds Jill two-timing Fielding, something she would never consider, trusting her husband's fidelity completely. But her views of Everett are shattered forever when, hearing he is ill, she travels out to see him, only to find that he is sleeping with a native girl, and has developed a serious alcohol problem.