The Prison Camp Collection

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Collection of three German dramas based around the subject of war. In 'The Camp' (2015), during the Second World War, Hans Pippig (Florian Stetter) is a prisoner at the Buchenwald concentration camp. When he discovers a young Jewish boy in the luggage of an incoming prisoner, Hans and his fellow inmates decide to put their lives on the line to protect him. In doing so they risk the wrath of the Nazi guards and jeopardise their planned revolt but nevertheless they hide and protect him in the hope that they will soon be saved by the advancing Allied forces. 'Auschwitz - The Final Journey' (2006) is centred around the concentration camp Auschwitz and the hopeless victims of its brutality who struggled to survive there. Finally, 'Stalin - Reign of Terror' (2017), based on true events, follows Russian author Eugenia Ginzburg (Emily Watson) who is sentenced to serve 18 years in a forced labour camp after being accused of being a part of a counter-revolutionary Trotskyist group and working against communism. She protests her innocence despite ruthless interrogations and unfair trials and is distraught when her party member card is revoked. When the camps begin to take their toll and leave Eugenia emaciated, she must fight for her freedom until she is released from the Gulag system in February 1949, when she begins to compose her memoirs in secret.