The Rafi Pitts Collection

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Collection of films from acclaimed Iranian director Rafi Pitts. In 'It's Winter' (2006) a young Iranian man, Mokhtar (Hashem Abdi), desperate and with his family facing grim financial straits, decides to move abroad to seek work. His family, having not heard from him for a long period of time, begin to wonder whether they will ever see him again. Things are further complicated when an itinerant mechanic, Marhab (Ali Nicksaulat), arrives in town and sets his eye on Mokhtar's wife. 'Sanam' (2000) follows the aftermath of a man's murder on suspicion of stealing a horse and how his wife and child deal with the tragedy. Issa (Ismail Amani) witnesses the murder of his father first hand. As if this wasn't bad enough, he finds himself ostracised by the other children of the village for his association with a thief. However, Ismail and his mother, Sanam (Roya Nonahali), are convinced that the man they knew and loved would never stoop to stealing, and Sanam sets out to try and prove her husband's innocence through the archaic and unresponsive Iranian legal and political systems. 'The Hunter' (2010) follows Ali (Rafi Pitts), a night watchman recently released from prison who returns home one morning to find his wife and six-year-old daughter missing. After many long and frustrating hours at the police station he discovers that his wife has been accidentally killed in a shooting at a political demonstration. When he makes a terrible discovery a few days later about the fate of his daughter, Ali is pushed over the edge and sets out to exact revenge on the authorities.