The Ray Harryhausen Collection

  |  742 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Eight-volume box set featuring the classic, stop-motion animation of special effects maestro Ray Harryhausen. In 'Earth versus the Flying Saucers', Earth suffers a flying saucer invasion after the army opens fire on a UFO which actually came in peace. However, special sound frequencies turn out to be the aliens' achilles heel. 'It Came from Beneath the Sea' sees a giant octopus going on the rampage in San Francisco after being spotted by a submarine in the Pacific. In 'The Golden Voyage of Sinbad', Sinbad the sailor (John Phillip Law) sets sail for the island of Lemuria on a quest for the Golden Crown, determined to restore the deposed Vizier (Douglas Wilmer) to his throne. 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger' sees Sinbad (Patrick Wayne) coming to the aid of Princess Farah, whose brother has been transformed into an ape by their wicked step-mother (Margaret Whiting). To break the spell, Sinbad enlists the help of soothsayer Melanthius (Patrick Troughton), and embarks on a dangerous voyage with his trusty crew. In 'Jason and the Argonauts', the infant Jason survives when his father, the king of Thessaly, is murdered by Pelias (Douglas Wilmer). As an adult, Jason (Todd Armstrong) sets out to reclaim his throne by searching for the Golden Fleece. He is aided on his quest by the goddess, Hera (Honor Blackman), selecting an able crew for his ship, Argo, including Argus (Laurence Naismith) and Acastus (Gary Raymond). 'The First Men in the Moon' sees a trio of astronauts embarking on a trip to the moon at the end of the nineteenth century. Upon arrival, they discover it to be inhabited by a crustaceous lifeform known as the Selenite. In 'The 7th Voyage of Sinbad', Sinbad (Kerwin Mathews) undertakes a quest to the island of Colossus to break a spell cast on his beloved Princess Grant by an evil magician. 'Mysterious Island' is set during the American Civil War, when a group of Confederate soldiers make a daring air balloon escape... only to end up on a strange island where they are harassed by prehistoric monsters and living plants. An 87-minute featurette, 'The Ray Harryhausen Chronicles', is also included, along with an exclusive greeting from the man himself.