The Receptionist

  |  Book Tickets: 20/07/2018
  |  97 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Receptionist Film Poster


It tells the story of a hidden Britain exploring the issue of immigrant sex workers but from a human perspective. Inspired by true events it follows Tina (Teresa Daley)x a recent graduate who is forced to start working in an illegal; massage parlour as a receptionist. The story follows down-on-her-luck immigrant Tina (Teresa Daley, Sashimi), living in London during the 2008 recession with her British boyfriend, who has graduated and is looking for work. She has an interview for a receptionist position, but when realising the place is an illegal brothel for exclusively Asian girls, she turns away. Her desperation for work means she ends up taking the position, and becomes close to the girls and their boss Lily (Sophie Gopsill). The film explores this world in a realistic and human way, while leaving room for humour and drama It’s really all about the characters journeys and the life of immigrants in a desperate situation, with an emphasis on uncovering the sex industry in London, and this is captured with aplomb. Some scenes are uncomfortable to watch when it comes to the customers sexual preferences and the abuse of the girls, and these are portrayed unflinchingly. Lu based the story on a friend who committed suicide, therefore it’s a very personal film for her. Our thanks to Munro Films for this screening. UK/Taiwan 2016 Jenny Lu 102m We hope to welcome actress Sophie Gospil to introduce this film with a Q&A after the screening.