The Recruit Ransom

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Double bill of thrillers. In 'The Recruit' (2003), Walter Burke (Al Pacino) is a headhunter for the CIA who wants to enlist James Clayton (Colin Farrell). And why wouldn't he? Clayton is one of the brightest college graduates in the country - he graduated top of his class at MIT. Clayton proves to be an excellent student; but when he is given the assignment to root out the mole at the Agency's training camp, Clayton discovers that, in the words of his mentor Burke, all is not as it seems. In 'Ransom' (1996), millionaire Tom Mullen (Mel Gibson) has built his career on business gambles. When his son Sean is kidnapped, he initially agrees to make the $2 million payment to ensure Sean's safety, but is assaulted by one of the kidnappers. Realising that he has no guarantee of Sean's return if he pays the kidnappers off, Mullen instead goes on national television and offers the ransom money as a reward for whoever brings the kidnappers in. When the kidnappers approach Mullen's wife, he doubles the reward. He is now gambling with both his marriage and his son's life.