The Renown Pictures Crime Collection: Volume Four

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  |  657 min
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Collection of classic British crime dramas. In 'The Boys' (1962), when the night watchman of a London garage is found murdered, four working-class teenagers are put on trial for the crime. Under cross-examination in court, suspects and witnesses give their various accounts of the incidents that led up to the crime, which are depicted in flashback segments. As the trial wears on, a picture emerges of the events that took place that fateful night, and the prosecuting counsel finally learns the truth about what happened. In 'Mysterious Mr. Nicholson' (1947) the beneficiary of a substantial will is found murdered in his own home, leading the will messenger to find the perpetrator. In 'The Voice of Merrill' (1952) the police face a challenging mystery after the discovery of a murdered female blackmailer. Her lover, a young and talented writer, is a suspect, along with several other people such as the girl's employer and an established, self-absorbed novelist whose neglected wife has begun an affair with the victim's ex. As both writers work on a project together, clues are revealed that lead the police closer to solving the crime. In 'Operation Diplomat' (1953) Dr. Mark Fenton (Guy Rolfe) has to perform surgery on a secretive patient. When a secretary is killed for disclosing the patient's identity, the situation becomes even more complicated. But will the mystery be uncovered when the police are reluctant to believe Dr. Fenton's story? In 'Port of Escape' (1956) two sailors dock in London in search of a good time during their short stint on land. But when one of them fatally stabs a man during a scuffle in a bar, the pair flee the scene, commandeer a boat and take the three women on board hostage as they try to outrun the law. In 'Blind Spot' (1958) army officer Dan Adams (Robert MacKenzie) was temporarily blinded as a result of an injury received during combat, but is beginning to regain his sight. When he is wrongly accused of smuggling diamonds, however, he continues to live as a blind man in an effort to catch the real criminals. Will he be able to prove his innocence? In 'Lady of Deceit' (1947), despite his winning charm, Sam Wild (Lawrence Tierney) is a rage-prone killer. He marries heiress Georgia Staples (Audrey Long) for her fortune but her half-sister, Helen Brent (Claire Trevor), becomes wise to Sam's murderous ways. Having already developed feelings for him, will she turn him in or join him in his deceitful plan? Finally, in 'Checkmate' (1935) an undercover detective lodges in a boarding house to get evidence on a criminal gang and falls for the family's daughter, complicating his investigation.