The Renown Pictures Crime Collection: Volume Three

  |  678 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of classic British crime dramas. In 'Blackout' (1950) a blind man stumbles upon a murder scene and is knocked out by the killers. However, when he wakes up his sight is restored and he sets out to find the killers and the body of their victim. In 'Johnny On the Spot' (1954) an ex-convict is framed for murder and seeks revenge against those who set him up as he tries to clear his name. '13 East Street' (1952) follows Inspector Gerald Blake (Patrick Holt) as he goes undercover in a gang of thieves in London. In the short 'Mystery at Monstein' (1954) a ski champion tries to kill his nephew in the Swiss Alps in order to get his inheritance. In 'Web of Evidence' (1959) Paul Mathry (Van Johnson) returns to England from America to find his father, who he believed died a war hero, in jail for murder. Can Paul help prove his dad's innocence and uncover the truth? In 'When London Sleeps' (1932) a high-class London gambler tries to help Lamberti's Fair, which has fallen on hard financial times. In 'The Lost Hours' (1952) an American pilot wakes up after having a fight with one of his friends to find himself accused of murder. In 'The Passing Stranger' (1954) a criminal ex-soldier arrives at a roadside café where a waitress yearns to escape. In 'The Hostage' (1956) a group of South American revolutionaries plan to kidnap their president's daughter in London in order to free one of their own. Finally, in 'The End of the Line' (1957) an American writer is framed for the murder of his ex-girlfriend's husband.