The Renown Pictures Vintage Sci-fi Collection: Volume One

  |  669 min
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Collection of classic sci-fi features. In 'Once in a New Moon' (1934) the small town of Shrimpton-On-Sea is pulled into space by the force of a passing dead star, sparking conflict among the new planet's inhabitants as they try to reorganise themselves into a fairer social structure. In 'The Night Caller' (1965) aliens from Jupiter's moon, Ganymede, come to Earth in search of females to mate with. Detective Hartley (Alfred Burke) is investigating the rapid increase in the number of missing women, while scientist Jack Costain (John Saxon) is looking into the rise in alien activity. It is some time, however, before they make a connection between the two. Will they be too late to put a stop to the creatures' plans? 'Phantom from Space' (1953) follows an extraterrestrial that lands in America and sparks a nationwide manhunt. When the creature lands in Santa Monica, its alien ship causes radio transmissions to go haywire, which alerts the authorities to its presence. The threatening appearance of the alien in its huge spacesuit inspires fear in the locals, and it kills two men in self-defence, triggering a huge police search. However, when the creature removes its suit, it becomes invisible, and it's up to Agent Hazen (Ted Cooper) and Lieutenant Bowers (Harry Landers) to find the alien and save the day. In 'Dr. Cyclops' (1940), having discovered a precious source of radium in the Peruvian Andes, Dr. Thorkell (Albert Dekker) begins mining the radioactive substance for use in his experiments. Many of these experiments use radium to shrink various animals taken from the jungle, with Dr. Thorkell observing all of his subjects in their miniature states. This begins to strain Thorkell's eyesight however, and so he summons Dr. Bullfinch (Charles Halton) and his assistant for their help. When Thorkell no longer needs help, he attempts to send them away, but as they resist he decides to investigate the effects of his shrinking process on humans... 'Target Earth' (1954) follows a couple as they try to seek refuge from an impending invasion of robots from the planet Venus. In 'Stranger from Venus' (1954) an alien arrives on Earth to warn its inhabitants to cease their destructive ways before it's too late. In 'The Alien Factor' (1978) a spaceship crash-lands in Maryland, releasing a number of alien specimens that were bound for an intergalactic zoo, to terrorize the small town. In 'Captive' (1980), set in the year 2100 AD, Earth is at war with the planet Sthyrolia. When their spaceship is shot down, and they find themselves stranded, a group of aliens take a family hostage while they try to figure out a way off the planet. 'In PSI Factor' (1980), after a rogue scientist receives suspected extraterrestrial communications, he tries to decipher a possible motive while nefarious organisations try to cover up the truth. Finally, in the short 'The Dream Doctor' (1936), a gypsy (Julie Suedo) interprets people's dreams and gives them readings, but are there more to her talents than meets theyeye?