The Reverend

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  |  92 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


British horror film following the attempts of a reverend, stalked by the threat of vampirism, to clean up his parish. The Reverend (Stuart Brennan), having graduated from religious school, is pleased to be handed a small country parish to look after and sees it as an opportunity to implement his views on how people should live. Unknown to the Reverend, however, he is the object of a wager set by a mysterious figure, played by Rutger Hauer, who wishes to demonstrate how easy it is to corrupt a good man. The Reverend is soon visited by a strange girl, who bites him when he tries to alleviate her coldness and distress, infecting the preacher with a form of vampirism. However, rather than using his new powers to prey on others, the Reverend is determined to make use of them to clean up his community by declaring war on those who try to corrupt and exploit...

Contains strong bloody violence and very strong language
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