The Rolling Girls

  |  Buy to Own: 08/08/2016
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Rolling Girls Film Poster


All 12 episodes of the Japanese anime set in a futuristic Japan that has been split into ten independent states. Following the events of the Great Tokyo War, former vigilante heroes called Best are hired to represent their state, supported by the Rest. Rookie Rest Nozomi (voice of Ari Ozawa) and her three friends are hired to travel around Japan to search for any potential territorial disputes. The episodes are: 'King of Rookies', 'Centre of the World', 'I Wanna Be a Hero', 'Dream', 'Disappointing Person', 'Lightning Speed', 'Please Give Me a Star', 'After the Rain', 'Night Thieves', 'No No No', 'Rose of Passion' and 'The Future Is in Our Hands'.