The Samurai Collection (Box Set)

  |  Buy to Own: 27/03/2004
  |  349 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set of Toshiro Mifune films. In 'Ambush at Blood Pass' Ronin Yojimbo (Mifune) is charged with travelling to Sanshu Pass, which was once a route used only by Japan's warlords but is now inhabited solely by outcasts, and wait for instructions. En route, Yojimbo rescues a young woman from an unhappy marriage, taking her with him on his journey. Arriving at an inn they encounter a mixed bunch of characters, including a gambler, a former physician, an officer of the law and his prisoner; little do they realise that soon this bunch of misfits will have to bond together in order to fight for their very survival. In 'Red Lion' after three centuries of corrupt and oppressive Shogunate rule, Japan is ready to revolt. Peasant Gonzo (Mifune) signs up with the Imperial Restoration Force, and persuades his new commander to lend him the red 'lion's mane' wig of authority. Gonzo then returns to his home town, where he is hailed as a hero after boasting of his exploits. However, the simple Gonzo soon finds himself embroiled in local politics as he struggles to live up to his newly created reputation as a righter of wrongs. Finally, in 'Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo' blind swordsman Zatoichi returns to his old village to find it much changed; the old boss Hyoroku has been forced to turn to wood carving while his daughter works as a hostess. Merchant Eboshiya and his son Masagoro are now in charge, and constantly vie for complete control. Eboshiya enlists Zatoichi's help against Masagoro's minder, the drunken samurai Yojimbo, and tensions between the two factions reach boiling point when a masseur's murder leads to the revelation that a cache of gold is hidden in the village.